Alternative to Google Search

The best alternative to Google search engine I found is DuckDuckGo.┬áIt’s clean, easy to use, has very powerful features and doesn’t track you.

Among the best features of this search engine there is:

  • Instant answers

Depending of the context of your search, DuckDuckGo will give you apprioriate results.

For example if you type “what are the lyrics of gangnam style?”, the search engine will add a specific tab in the result page with the lyrics:



And it’ll do so with many other context, for example if you search for a product, it’ll add a product tab on search results…etc.

  • !Bangs keywords

Other very cool feature, is the !bangs keywords. For example you can ask duckduckgo to directly give you results from Amazon by using the !a (or !amazon) bang keyword.

Example: “!a iPhone 6”

When you make DuckDuckGo your default search engine in your browser, this can be very helpful (as you just type the search in the address bar, no need to first go to

And there are thousands of !bangs keyword, you can even request to add your own.

  • Other features

Of course like on Google, you can refine your search with keywords like site:<site url>/

You can also trigger special results like asking for how much is 350 US Dollars in Euros by typing something like “350 USD in EUR”, it’ll give you the conversion directly.

In a nutshell, it’s a very good search engine, sometimes even better than Google in some aspects (but worse in others), and it’s a very good alternative to Google search engine.